Essential Tips for Choosing IT Company to Build Your Website

Essential Tips for Choosing IT Company to Build Your Website

Choosing the right IT company to design, test, and deploy your website can be a daunting task. With myriad IT companies in Gauteng, it can be tricky to know if you are making an ideal choice.

Don’t just go for IT companies in Johannesburg that show you beautiful website designs. You’ve to pick someone with a wealth of expertise on all the nitty-gritty of a modern website – ranging from SEO, performance optimization and navigability to social media integration and everything in-between.


Here are 5 Nifty Tips Poised to Help You Choose the Right IT Company to Create Your Website.


#1. Ask for recommendation

As a robust business, the chances are that you know a business partner, friend or colleague who can recommend great IT companies. Make sure that you get at least five top-of-the-line recommendations. Once you get their contact details, you can reach out to them for further consultation and ask for references.

#2. Check Their Portfolio

Excellent IT companies have an extensive list of past projects. Well, everyone has to start somewhere, but when you are looking for a bang for your hard-earned cash, you need nothing but top-notch IT companies to develop your website. IT companies with portfolios that include world-renowned brands like KFC, Woolworths, and so forth are your ideal choices. Don’t settle for less – the value of a good website to your business is absolute.

#3. Read Reviews

I won’t lie to you; not all IT companies in Durban are created the same. That is why it’s crucial that you check online reviews in order to keep fly-by-nights at bay. Those IT companies that have many complaints and bad reviews online should be avoided at all cost. Pick at least 5 candidates with positive or raving reviews

#4. Look for IT Companies That Go Beyond Website Design

With upgrades in technology and shifts in consumer behaviour, your business requires more than just a nice website design. You need a site that adds the allure of social media integration, SEO (for higher ranking on Google searches), digital marketing tools, data analytic tools, and so much more.

#5. On-Going Support – Desktop Support

Website development is an on-going process. Often, a website needs to be continually upgraded to mirror changes in consumer behaviour and technology. That’s why it’s paramount that you go for IT companies in Pretoria that offer on-going support. Luckily, most of these IT firms offer desktop support.


With these handy tips, you can easily choose an IT company that’ll make the whole website creation process a pleasant experience.