What is The Importance of Building a Brand in 2018

It starts with knowing what a brand is, how to recognize one, and understanding the importance of building a brand in 2018. When you hear names like Microsoft, Intel, Android, Apple, IBM, and Coca-Cola. These are big brand names as they should be, every one of them ranks in the top for global brands in 2018.

How do you start brand building and brand identity? Recognition of a brand sends an important message to the media. This will tell your readers what to expect and give them a sense for what your brand is all about. A brand works to create expectations and associations.

What’s Important for Brand Building?

How can companies like Microsoft and Apple achieve all of their success? It’s the sum and history of the relationships they have built over the course of time that gives their brand meaning.

The importance of building a brand in 2018 is to avoid all the confusion about advertising, branding, and marketing for all small and mid-size business. Many new entrepreneurs approach advertising and marketing with the sole intent of developing their brand. Expecting advertisements to build their brand and many small to mid-size businesses use their entire budget for this type of image building and branding.

Brand Building Is Not Advertising

There are a lot of businesses who want your money for image type advertising and that’s exactly what big advertising businesses do. Their efforts will win you some rewards, however, what you really want it to do is accomplish sales. Can you truthfully admit that your brand building advertising efforts have been doing that?

This isn’t to say that branding advertising doesn’t work? Companies like Apple, IBM. Microsoft, Coca-Cola, etc. Spend millions on reaching their goals. Millions are what it takes to make it work.You don’t have to spend millions on building your brand. What you spend on advertising will be a drop in the bucket compared to the effect it has the recognition for your brand.